Training Philosophy

Balanced Lifestyle
My years of experience as a physical therapist and personal trainer allows me to train with my clients on a wide variety of sporting levels. My goal is to accompany clients on their way to a balanced life and to support them in the long-term to develop the joy of movement and to lead a healthy lifestyle. In today’s very demanding and stressful society, it is important for me to teach my clients that exercising to the point of exhaustion, in the little free time we have available, is often not the best choice.

Compact Training
An exciting mix of various types of movement indoors or outdoors is the basis of my personal training. Based on using functional training with complex exercises, not individual muscles but muscle chains are trained. This form of compact training integrates all health essential aspects including strength, endurance, coordination and balance within a training session. A highly efficient, time-saving training with the aim of improving physical performance and fitness. Each training is complemented by an assisted relaxing stretching or a short massage.

Enjoy small islands of luxury in everyday life. Recharge your body and mind with a 60 minute positive energy boost and life will begin to flourish.

Power Plate
For increased efficiency, I recommend the combination of personal training and Power Plate. This is especially recommended for sport activities which profit from a high core stability, such as golf and tennis or any winter sport. At the same time Power Plate Training decisively supports specific elements of aesthetical training – an effective building block for a better posture and a tight body.

Power Plate training on a vibration plate is a highly effective and intense form of strength training. It specifically addresses the involuntary muscles in the body depth, and therefore over 90% of the muscles can be targeted with this training. Power Plate training is recommended by doctors, particularly in the cases of herniated discs and general back pain.

A training session lasts 25 minutes which includes a warm-up and stretching. This type of training is very popular with clients who with a limited amount of time, want to become or stay fit. I recommend training  2-3 times a week.